Richard Price Selected References

  1. For a recent Life and Times biography that also details Price’s major works and thinking see the illustrated Liberty’s Apostle: Richard Price his life and times by Paul Frame (2015).
  2. There is no published edition of Price’s complete works but a full listing of them, together with all their various British and overseas editions is in the Bibliography of Price’s works by Thomas, Stephens and Jones (1993). This also lists most of the articles about Price written in the years up to the late 1990’s.
  3. A summary of Price’s most important political writing can be found in D. O. Thomas’s Richard Price: Political Writing (1991) and Price’s extensive collected correspondence is to be found in Peach and Thomas (1983–94), Duthille (2011) and Frame (2011). For a comprehensive discussion of all Price’s thought see D.O. Thomas The Honest Mind: the thought and work of Richard Price.
  4. Price’s moral and political philosophy is detailed in Richard Price as moral philosopher and political theorist by Henri Laboucheix (translated from the French by S. and D. D. Raphael), and there is also an edited edition of Price’s Review of Morals by D. D. Raphael.
  5. Late in his life Price kept a journal in shorthand. This is one of the only sources of really personal reflection we have as he seems to have intended to use it to write an autobiography, but that never happened. The journal is now in the National Library of Wales and was deciphered by D.O. Thomas’s wife Beryl Thomas and published in the National Library of Wales Journal. The article also contains a letter to B. Franklin, the text of Price’s address to the National Assembly in Paris, his speech on the first anniversary of the Bastille’s fall, his discussion of the Regency Crisis, his will and family genealogies – note that the latter have been updated and revised by later work.
  6. Finally, there is the Price / Priestley Newsletter (vols. 1-4, 1977–80) and the journal Enlightenment and Dissent (vols. 1-27(continues), 1982–Present), which contain numerous articles relating to Price and those with whom he lived and worked. All the Enlightenment and Dissent volumes are now available free and online.
All the works noted above can be found in the list below.

  • Alex Allardyce, The Village that Changed the World, A History of Newington Green London N16 (London, 2008).
  • Carl B. Cone, Torchbearer of Freedom: The Influence of Richard Price on 18th Century Thought (Lexington, Kentucky, 1952).
  • Verner W. Crane, ‘The Club of Honest Whigs, Friends of Science and Liberty’, William and Mary Quarterly, 3rd ser., xxiii, No. 2 (April 1966), 210–233. (Much on Price and his friend Benjamin Franklin, both members of this famous London club).
  • Rémy Duthuille, ‘Thirteen Uncollected Letters of Richard Price’, Enlightenment and Dissent, 27 (2011), 83–142.
  • Paul Frame, ‘A Further Seven Uncollected Letters of Richard Price’, Enlightenment and Dissent, 27 (2011), 143–160.
  • Paul Frame, ‘Liberty’s Apostle: Richard Price his Life and Times’, (University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2015).
  • Henri Laboucheix, Richard Price as moral philosopher and political theorist translated by Sylvia and David Raphael in Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, no. 207, (Oxford, 1982).
  • David McCulloch, John Adams (London, 2001). (Good for Price’s relationship with Adams).
  • William Morgan F.R.S., Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Richard Price D.D., F.R.S., London 1815.
  • Maurice E. Ogborn, Equitable Assurances (London, 1962). (Good for the work of Price and his nephew William Morgan at the Equitable Life).
  • Bernard W. Peach and D. O. Thomas (eds.), The Correspondence of Richard Price (3 vols., Durham, North Carolina and Cardiff, Wales, 1983, 1991 and 1994).
  • D. D. Raphael (ed.), A Review of the Principal Questions in Morals by Richard Price (Oxford, 1974).
  • Beryl Thomas and D. O. Thomas: Richard Price’s Journal for the period 25 march 1787 to 6 February 1791. National Library of Wales Journal, XX1, 1980, pp. 366-413.
  • D. O. Thomas, Richard Price and America (Aberystwyth, 1975).
  • D. O. Thomas, The Honest Mind: The thought and work of Richard Price (Oxford, 1977).
  • D. O. Thomas, Ymateb I Chwyldro / Response to Revolution (Cardiff, 1989).
  • D. O. Thomas (ed.), Price: Political Writings, Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought, (Cambridge, 1991).
  • D. O. Thomas, John Stephens and P. A. L. Jones, A Bibliography of the Works of Richard Price, (Aldershot, 1993).
  • Roland Thomas, Richard Price: Philosopher and Apostle of Liberty, (Oxford, 1924).

Published in 2012/3

  • Mary-Ann Constantine and Paul Frame (eds.), Travels in Revolutionary France and A Journey Across America by George Cadogan Morgan and Richard Price Morgan, (Univ. Wales Press, 2012). (Details letters sent by Price’s nephew in revolutionary France and the autobiography and travels of his son in America).
  • Paul Frame & Geoffrey Powell: ‘Our first concern as lover’s of our country must be to enlighten it’: Richard Price’s Response to the French Revolution. In: Footsteps of Liberty and Revolt: Essays on Wales and the French Revolution edited by Mary Ann Constantine & Dafydd Johnston (University of Wales Press 2013).

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